A Trypophobia Virus?

Can Trypophobia be the result of a viral infection? Well, I have this hypothesis anyways. That Trypophobia may be the result of either a viral infection or suddenly some endogenic retograde virus becoming active due to external factors like stress, sickness, or some other new viral infection like a flu.

Just before my Trypophibia got triggered after seeing an image with a series of holes, I got a mysterious illness after visiting China, where I had persistent 99-101 temperature for more than 2 weeks. It went away on its own. A couple of weeks later a blood report showed borderline high lymphocytes of 3.58 × 10^3 /micro liter (normal is 1-3) , and lymphocytes % of 40.1 (normal range is 20-40). While basophils were 0.01 × 10^3 / ul (normal should be 0.02-0.1). This indicated to me I had got some infection.

Now very shortly after this blood test, I was exposed to some article with some trigger images - not exactly one of those clickbaity Trypophobia trigger articles but it had ima…
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