Trypophobia: What can I do to help myself? PART TWO

Fear of Holes
Physical exercise

Another strategy to facilitate the physical symptoms of a vicious circle is "Aerobic" exercise. This applies to walking, jogging, or on any physical activity that speeds up heart even a little. Exercise of the heart muscle will make this muscle powerful and therefore less liable to sudden appearances of skipping which can be very annoying. Exercise may also help body to get rid of some tensions that accumulate, which could be food for anxiety.


Caffeine is present in many refreshing drinks and not just in coffee and tea as you think. It is desirable to avoid drinks that contain caffeine, as much as possible, because they can only start vicious circle. It has effect on the heart, it speeds up, makes the urine, which are possible signs of general anxiety. Also, it can interfere with normal sleep, another sign of anxiety. If you are tired, the harder you control your emotions and you'll probably feel anxiety. Attempting to solve problems of overstrain with caffeine will only worsen things.