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What is Trypophobia?

What exactly is Trypophobia?

Trypophobia is a word coined by some person in an online community (or probably offline) for an adverse reaction experienced by many to objects or images containing holes. It is almost always a number of holes. The holes may or may not be arranged in a pattern. They may be circular holes or irregular. The adverse reaction could be anything from a feeling of disgust to a full-blown panic attack. But most people suffering from Trypophobia claim to feel anxious, sick, itchy, goosebumps, dry mouth, and an obsession to keep seeing the object that triggered these feelings.


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A Trypophobia Virus?

Can Trypophobia be the result of a viral infection? Well, I have this hypothesis anyways. That Trypophobia may be the result of either a viral infection or suddenly some endogenic retograde virus becoming active due to external factors like stress, sickness, or some other new viral infection like a flu. Just before my Trypophibia got triggered after seeing an image with a series of holes, I got a mysterious illness after visiting China, where I had persistent 99-101 temperature for more than 2 weeks. It went away on its own. A couple of weeks later a blood report showed borderline high lymphocytes of 3.58 × 10^3 /micro liter (normal is 1-3) , and lymphocytes % of 40.1 (normal range is 20-40). While basophils were 0.01 × 10^3 / ul (normal should be 0.02-0.1). This indicated to me I had got some infection. Now very shortly after this blood test, I was exposed to some article with some trigger images - not exactly one of those clickbaity Trypophobia trigger articles but it had

How I suddenly developed Trypophobia

Or how the Internet triggered my Trypophobia. In 2017 I was just a normal 33-year-old guy doing my own business, without any sort of phobias whatsoever, and no signs of any mental disorders. One day sometime mid-year, I came across a post on the Internet on a viral meme site. I remember it said something in its title like "These images will trigger a phobia that you never knew existed". I got baited and clicked through even though the caption image for the story was a little gross I felt. I went through the post. I may have felt a little disgusted looking at the images in there. And I think it did trigger a little bit of OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder) kinda of thing for the five minutes or so I must have read the post, repeatedly looking at the pictures. But that's about it. I forgot about the post by the end of the day and never felt too disgusted, dreadful, anxious, stressed, creepy-crawly, or crazy by the pictures and the post. These are kind of feelings I go